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Value-added Services

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Portfolio Curriculum Classification


Undergraduate Portfolio Preparation Class

Popular class of LoveFunART, include multiple programs. Professional education focus on top university applications. High rate of success every year.

Suitable Crowd: High school students or foundation students who want to go to their dream art universities.


Graduate portfolio preparation class

Fresh classes of LoveFunART. Customize learning process through different requirements of top university applications, help you get into famous universities earlier.


Suitable Crowd: Undergraduate or academic students who would like to enroll in their dream universities.


1 vs 1 Private

Tutoring Class

Famous Instructors match students with proper art schools, make most suitable plans and processes. Quickly enhance the professional knowledge of students.


Suitable Crowd: Students or adults who hope to enchance specific knowledge of art.


Admission Application Services

Instructors offer admission application services through student needs, sum up your highlights and help you get into dream universities.


Suitable Crowd: Students who need help on application submission, writing, interview and so on.


Art Competition Class

We require to do assessment wih your related works first. Students who meet the criteria could get our fully support.


Suitable Crowd: Students or adults who participate art competitions at institues or online.


Professional Portfolio 

Preparation Class

High quality portfolio is requires when you are looking for jobs in the art field. LoveFunART provides high quality guidance for your portfolio.


Suitable Crowd: Students and Adults who need to prepare professional portfolio or want to improve art skills.

Curriculum Features

We provide multiple curriculum for high school students, undergraduate students and adults. Students could choose through their own needs

The curriculum schedule arrange is flexible in LoveFunART. We coordinate the schedule between students and teachers to arrange reasonable courses. We provide you best service.

According different majors and different school application requirements, LoveFunART provides you most proper education support.

Featured Curriculum Selection

Personalized Portfolio

The personalities of every student shows in their art works. Education consultant and art teacher will match schools and the personality of student, produce best teaching method and offer personalized and efficient guidance.

Flexible Schedule Arrange

Professional Study Guidance

Grasp the Essence of Art Education

After years of education experience accumulation, LoveFunART grasps the essence of Art education. We use professional art knowledge and experience to offer best education.

LoveFunART offers multiple art program education, includes interior design, architecture design, industry design, graphich design, advertisement, illustration, animation, game, fashion design, fine art, digital media, fim, photography and so on.

Various Art Programms

Value-added Services


English Translation Support

​According different school application requirements, providing professional translation support. 

Portfolio Layout Support

Provide ​targeted portfolio layout support through different majors requirements.

Interview Help

Some of universities require interviews. We help you have a perfect interview experience.

Personalized Guidance

Different guidances according 

personalities of students.

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