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We focus on nothing but your success, because that is our ultimate goal. We will help you get that acceptance letter from the school of your dreams!











Our Services

free consultation

We have one free consultation session. From major selection to school targeting, we will provide you with the most professional advice.


Study plan

​At LoveFunART, every student matters. We will tailor study plan just for you, and monitor your progress closely. 

Small Group


All of our portfolio classes have a size smaller than four. We make sure you will have all the attention, and also the motivation.



Resume, interview, essay... We will be right beside you throughout the entire school application process. 

Feedback from students

I had learned arts since young, but I still found portfolio preparation intimidating. The LoveFunART classes are the most effective ones I have ever taken. They are organised in a very logical manner. I was very tight on my schedule, but with the efficient study, I received offers from  OCAD and  Central Saint Martins.

Porfolio Review
Why choose LoveFunART

Fast & Convenient

Our studio locates at Yonge and Finch, easily access through public transit. We also provide online tutoring service, help you enjoy personalized experience.

Mindset Enhancement

At LoveFunART, you will not only acquire the painting skills and designing methodology, but also learn how to think logically.

One-Stop Service

From portfolio preparation, resume editing to interview preparation. We provide you all the application services in one package.

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We believe that art is more than creativity. Art is indeed a very LOGICAL subject.  Many art teachers have neglected this point because of their own profound arts experiences. That is also why many students have had hard time to grasp the essence of art.

LoveFunART has always been dedicating in adult art education. After years of teaching experience, we have concluded our unique teaching philosophy -- LOGIC ART. Having one formula to define art, we are strived to help students improve the most in the shortest period.

Our Philosophy

Our Promise

Offer Guarantee


Our mission is to help every student enter their dream schools.

If you come to us 6 months before school application deadline;

If you are willing to listen to our professional advice;

If you are confident in following our customized study plan;

Then we have an offer guarantee policy for you!

We promise that we will try our best to get you offer!

Popular Teachers

Wendy Shi

-  Graduated from MA Fashion Design graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

M.A. Fashion Knitwear 
B.A. Fashion Knitwear

- Design for Pink Tartan (Toronto, Canada) 

- Design for Khama (London, UK)

- Design for (Toronto, Canada) 

- Design for Virginia Johnson (Toronto, Canada) 


- MA from Sheridan Computer Animation and Digital Character.

- 3D generalist in Istuary Animation and VR studio.

- Specialist in VR Game Animation, Rigging, UI Design, Video Editing.


- Graduated from top British architecture university: Bath University

- Member of the Leed Project Associate, Ontario Green Building Council

- Construction Engineer, LHW Engineering Inc., Toronto

- GBMAX Project Construction Consultant in Beijing

- Proficient at AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D Max and Rhino

Suki Zhang

- Majored in Public Art, expert in designing and painting.​

- Founder of LoveFunART and Logic art.

- More than 10 years of arts teaching experience. ​

- Art Curator for Venice Biennale ‘Brush·Ink·Heart’,Vank Arting and

Pudong Airport Public Project.


-  Over 16 years’ experience in Visual Arts: Painting and Illustration, Public Speaking, workshop and class instruction

- Expert skills in illustration, painting, calligraphy and manuscript illumination, sculpting and fabrication, writing, storytelling and research


-  Bachelor Degree of Interior and Spatial Design in University of Arts London, London UK

-  Architectural Technology Diploma Program in Sheridan College

-  Skilled at freehand drafting/drawing, construction detailing, 3D modeling, estimating, building material, building systems, and project management


- Graduated from Bachelor degree of Fashion Design at Autónoma del Caribe University; MA of Fasion Art and Buisness at ILSC

- Production Coodinator of BRANDWORX! for brands in the US and UK

- Head Apparel Designer at SONEN INTERNACIONAL S.A.S

- Design Director of HENAO PUGLIESE S.A.S

- Expert in the entire process from concept design, clothing production, product development to deliver


- Majored in Bachelor of Illusration at Sheridan College; Majored in Bachelor of Chinese Painting at Beijing Language and Culture University.

- "Journey of Dunhang" Rock color painting exhibition in 2009

- Rich teaching experience at multiple art fields

- Expert in illustration, fine art, storyboard/character design and concept Art


-  Honours Bachelor of Photography in Sheridan College.

-  Expert in using lights, colors, and storytelling in her works. She has lots of experiences in portrait and product photography and she never stops seeking new ideas.

-  Photographer in Wave Creative Studio planned, designed and photographed products for Sun Valley.

-  Loop Art Studio Manager.


-  Honor Bachelor of Art in Architecture in University of Toronto.

-  Worked as render artist in Sivisoko Inc. 

-  Expert in using architecture software, such as Auto CAD, Sketchup, Rhino, Revit, Vray rendering and so on.


-  Bachelor of Arts:  Animation,  Shanghai University

-  Computer  Animation, Visual Effects in Sheridan  College

- Expert in creating photorealistic imagery with digital tools and different approaches to drawing media technique


-  Bachelor of Arts: Animation,

Nanjing Arts Institute.

-  Postgraduated in N.S.C.A.D University and Sheridan College animation major.

-  Expert in 3D animation and concept design.

- Worked in Jam Filled entertainment,Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. as concept designer.


- Majored in Visual Communication, Central Academy of Fine Arts

- Majored in Visual Communication, University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main

- Be chosen as Top 10 in poster design competition "design for tomorrow" France, 2014

- Be chosen as Top 100 in poster design competition "Mut zur Wut" Germany, 2016


- Graduated from Bachelor of Interior Design at RCC Institute of Technology

- Take part in IDEC Competition in 2017

- Proficient in multiple soft wares: AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Indesign, SketchUp(Vray), Illustrator and so on


- Majored in animation, expert in sketching and designing​

- Helped multiple students get into animation major in Top 5 universities, including Sheridan ​

- "Xiaoxiao Le" game element designer​

- "Candy bayou" animation designer


- Majored in engineering, calligraphy and artsbackground 

- Studied arts and calligraphy since 8 years old

- Featured for concise and logical teaching style

- Knowledgable in various arts related areas, often teach students extra knowledge

Merrick Bao

- Majored in Art Management and Arts Exhibition in Bishop University 

- Art dealer for Spanish artist Carlos Morell, American artist Terry Rose and French artist Rodica Iliesco.

- Art curator for Shanghai Art Museum, LiuHaiSu Art Museum and Shanghai Art Fair. 


- Majored in animation, expert in sketching and designing​

- Helped multiple students get into animation major in Top 5 universities, including Sheridan ​

- "Xiaoxiao Le" game element designer​

- "Candy bayou" animation designer


  • Graduated from Bachelor of Graphic Design at University of Manitoba

  • Worked in Photos Unlimited Portrait Studio,Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. as graphic designer.

  • Proficient in multiple soft wares: Photoshop, Indesign,  Illustrator and so on

  • Be chosen as Bronze Metal 2013 in Skill Manitoba 2D Animation Contest


  • Graduated from Software Engineering at Peking University and Computing major at Queen’s University.

  • Worked in Human Media Lab, Canada and Lenovo Corporate Research & Development, China  as research assistant.

  • Proficient in multiple soft wares: Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere, Maya.

  • Proficient in programming Language and Technology of C, C++, C#, java, JavaScript, HTML, JSP, DirectX, OpenGL, Unity3D, Arduino.


  • Graduated from Graphic Design and Creative Advertising at York University.

  • Worked in Scotiabank as Visual user designer online/ mobile.

  • Worked in TOM Toronto Men’s Fashion Week as visual designer.

  • Worked as supervisor of photography and graphic department in Sears Canada.

  • Expertise and working experience with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Elements Adobe XD, Sketch, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat Pro.


  • Graduated from Chinese Painting at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Animation at Sheridan College.

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Toon Boom.

  • Worked in ReFrame Education as illustrator and Designer and animator in Group Film “Colour Correction” in Sheridan College.

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