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This major in the applied visual arts is a program that prepares individuals to enter the awesome world of artistic principles and techniques turning them into real professionals. The program gives basic knowledge on product design, structural design, construction drafting, installation and everything one should know and master to become a good specialist. Students are mastered in professional planning, designing, equipping and furnishing, and much more.​

The principles of interior planning are numerous and they range from lighting and color coordination to textiles and finishing. During the whole course the students acquire concepts of design, culture, history and project methods, sustainable materials, technological materials, nanomaterials, spaces, colors, lights, forms, etc,. This is a discipline where every detail is crucial, every color and shade really matters. The history of interior design, various period styles just make you travel in time, explore, discover and fall in love, turning the study period into an amazing experience. Museum visits, art and design related community events, professional association events are also great opportunities to get to know the industry better, get acquainted with industry professionals and new trends.

The courses introduce students with such programs as AutoCAD, Rhino, 2D and 3D Max, Maya, Illustrator and Photoshop. Besides, the vast majority of institutions give students an exclusive opportunity to start a professional collaboration with industry associations, world famous companies specialized in interior design. These internship opportunities are not only a great experience but a unique chance to get more specialized and even find a job in one of those companies during studies.

After graduating, these professionals are fully capable of planning internal spaces; it can be a private house, commercial interior space or an exclusive exhibition space.

Is Interior Design the right major for you?

Are you a creative person desiring to do what you really love and seeking an interesting and profitable future job? Nowadays choosing a unique professional profile and the right major is not an easy task. Interior Design is actually one of those rare disciplines that are always in high demand and up to date. This discipline walks alongside with time, changes the world with its bright colors and creative approaches, being developed and modernized day by day. Instruction in computer applications and various graphic techniques make your work easier, engaging and, of course, more effective.

Job Opportunities for Interior Design Professionals

This is actually one of those professions that is highly demanded and well paid nowadays. Thousands of companies and organizations worldwide are seeking interior design professionals to improve existing spaces, give a new life to them, and create new ones turning the working environment and commercial territories into a motivating, inspiring and trigging spaces, millions of people want their living spaces to turn to their dream houses, and their events to be awesome and unforgettable! The most outstanding opportunities include internal spaces design, interior architecture, projects of interior design, events and celebrations, decorations, exhibition stands, design of event spaces and leisure, businesses and franchises, and this is only a short list of possible unique opportunities!

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