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Fashion Design major gives an exclusive opportunity to students to master the processes, techniques, and tools needed to develop design concepts. If you are thinking whether Fashion Design is the right major for you, this article will certainly be of great help to you.

So, if you are a creative person who loves working with various colors, patterns and textiles, who is fond of new experiments and undertakings, and is interested in art and fashion, this major is definitely the most suitable one for you! The whole course is focused on acquiring the main competences together with culture and project methodology. The development of the personal style of each student is of great importance and much attention is paid on it being motivated and developed during the whole course.

Specific techniques of fashion are introduced such as history, fashion sketching, pattern making, modelling, illustration, knitting, sewing, sustainability of textiles, clothing, accessories, home furnishings, etc. The courses always try to combine the classic principles and innovative approaches, traditional and modern techniques. During the first year students are motivated and encouraged to get introduced with the fashion industry, history of art and history of fashion. They acquire basic skills of garment construction and fashion design concepts, experimental textiles, knit design, fashion drawing, accessory design, surface pattern design. They also discover new exclusive techniques to develop their own creativity, understand and feel the industry and make new experiments.

During the next semesters students continue learning advanced techniques of modelling and pattern making, illustration, they start to use such specific techniques as designing and making accessories, sewing garments, creating clothing.

During the last semesters the stress is put on the improvement of practical abilities. Various projects and collections are being developed during this time period. Students then should perform their final thesis project. This is the most exciting and challenging part of this course as it allows the student to apply everything they have learned during their studies, and solve novel problems that they might not have encountered in the past. This is, in fact, their first step into the professional world.

Many prestigious universities offer the opportunity to combine classroom learning with various internship opportunities giving a chance to experience and practice. The internship and collaboration with famous companies, design and fashion studios standing out in the industry is also a great chance for the students to start creating their portfolios; it is a crucial point in their future development and career.

Job Opportunities for Fashion Design Professionals

Fashion Design is considered a really profitable and creative profession and it is highly demanded nowadays. Many companies, organizations, fashion and design studios worldwide are seeking qualified fashion design professionals to create or improve their brands, give a new breath to existing ones, and make them extraordinary and unique! The most outstanding job opportunities include fashion design, fashion accessory design, pattern design, textile design, fashion communication and brand image, stylist, trendsetter, visual merchandiser, illustrator, consultant, cool hunter, product manager and much more.

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