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If you are a creative, innovative and imaginative person, who is looking for new opportunities for self-expression and wants to go beyond boundaries and limits creating something truly eccentric and special, a degree in fine arts is definitely what you’re looking for. This unique world of colors, emotions and bright ideas has no boundaries. A degree in fine arts prepares the students for careers in artistic fields such as painting, music, theatre, film, sculpture, performing and visual arts. The degree in Fine Arts is considered a professional degree for the studio art major. Students in this degree complete all the semesters of upper division coursework in their selected area of concentration as well as a variety of diverse studio experiences designed to enhance skills. This degree requires more upper division art coursework and less upper division non-art elective credits. BA Students often combine their art studies with a second major. They choose from among the same curricular concentrations and meet the same standards of artistic and academic excellence as those who select the BFA route.

This major is suitable for those who are planning to be professional artists, art teachers, or graphic designers. They can choose to combine various studio specializations/ concentrations. They can focus on studio art: drawing, ceramics, computer imaging, photo image making, graphic design, metals, fibers, pottery, painting, photography, printing, printmaking, metalsmithing, sculpture, etc.), or art education with teaching certification.

Many colleges and universities offer several of their fine art programs online. Courses in art history and theory can easily be taken online, while practical skills need to be developed in art studios day by day. Many institutions provide free access to studio facilities as it is crucial in helping the students experience more, grow and rise to high levels. At the advanced levels the majority of students are even working on their own independent projects and creating their portfolios, which are of great importance for their future career development. Besides, many institutions offer exclusive internship opportunities in world famous art studios to master new techniques and fully enter the industry.

Alongside with a range of practical art skills, it is highly advantageous for fine arts graduates to have good observational, analytical and research skills, which are very important to showcase your talent, put your work into context, explain your choice, thoughts and ideas and find ways to present your work in various competitions, exhibitions, etc.

Job Opportunities for Fine Arts Professionals

Skills you gain during your courses are likely to be transferable to many sectors of this industry. Professions connected with fine arts are highly demanded nowadays and you can choose any job opportunity that is best suitable for you. Here are some typical art careers for these professionals: Fine Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Painter, Arts Administrator, Museum Worker, Printmaker, Teacher, Lecturer and this is only a short list of many interesting opportunities. If you have chosen this profession, be sure that there are always plenty of options available that lead to your dream job!

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